Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abstract Painting Reflection

My initial topic for this painting came from one of the smaller one hour paintings where I thought about the water in general and the ocean while painting. I soon found that this topic is fairly broad and many aspects of the ocean crossed my mind and thus made my painting less cohesive. I settled on the ideas of different currents moving at various depths and the quiet stillness you experience when floating underwater. I found myself working with color choices and various brushstrokes to gain this affect.

Prior to the critique, I was pleased with the state of my painting in that the resulting image was what I was going for. However after talking with the critique I was slightly disappointed by how easily readable it was. I struggled with moving away from recognizable images while painting, which was evident by my final. For my next attempt at abstract painting, I hope to work from less literal ideas and I feel that will make my painting more "successful" as abstraction.

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