Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abstract Painting

My inspiration for this painting is New York City (Times Square) and the feelings it evokes in me. Some words that came to mind were: crowded, glowing, vivid, radiant, energy, fluorescent, color, motion, exhilarating, bright, and depth.  I started with a dark, drippy background.  After beginning to add long, smooth streaks of color that twist and wind around the canvas (symbolic of constant motion and the bright lights of Times Square) the painting was looking too flat.  I began to think about how the city makes me feel, and what it is like trying to get through crowds in the middle of Times Square.  There’s such a high level of energy that’s engulfs you when standing, or trying to move, in the heart of the ‘city that never sleeps’.  I worked on adding more dimension and a more lively feel to the piece by using shorter, faster strokes, as well as dripping and throwing paint. 

            I felt like the critique was very helpful, and it was interesting to hear what everyone had to say/thought about my piece.  Many people thought it might have to do with space, or supernovas.  That wasn’t my intention, but after hearing that, it reminds me of something space-related, too.  A few people also mentioned energy and motion, which was right on target!  Overall, I’m happy with how the piece turned out, although I agree that more drips/streaks could be added, and I think my piece would be more effective if the colors were brighter and more vibrant.

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