Monday, November 3, 2008

Chick's larger abstract painting


I was completely without ideas for the next abstract painting. That’s why I’m writing this late. I should have just written that after much debate I still hadn’t come up with an idea that relates to the class and with my senior research. It wasn’t until was listening the song “Yes We Can” and thinking about how this music could be really conducive to meditation. So, I just kept listening and trying to feel the music and I though to myself that this song is all about waiting for something special. That something special, in this song, is Barak Obama. I want to express that same sense of discovery.
This is the same waiting and yearning for something that I’m trying to find through my drawing and paintings. And the same that I am studying though my senior research. For this particular painting I was the paint to be thick but smooth. Not hurried at all; very like meticulous.
Good song. I wish I knew who composed it.

Final Write Up:
This painting did not come out the way I wanted it to. And in the end I ended up covering most of the painting with thick grey-brown lines covering it. Over the weekend I realized that when I feel like a painting of mine has failed I effectively ruin or destroy it because what I have painted has not lived up to its idea. I started off trying to express a sense of waiting in anticipation. I used a progressive techno song to inspire me. I ended up trying to depict the song and no the sense of waiting. I was doing a much better job at reaching my goals in the beginning when I was first starting the painting but as I added more and more paint it became lost and I could see no hope of retrieving it. So I painted over it to give that viewer then sense of it being unattainable at the moment. Like they want to be able to see it but are unable to just as I was unable to see the idea anymore.

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