Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hey guys!
I started out with the idea of time and how there isn't really enough time for anyone.  The idea soon transformed into more of just an emotion based painting.  The feeling I was trying to portray was lost.  I tried to create a dream-like and confusing colors and images that would evoke that feeling.  
I really enjoyed this critique because it was the first time that I had to make an abstracted large painting before and for the most part people said things that I was glad to hear.  Some poeple mentioned that the planes were off because the background looked really flat and then all of a sudden this vortex was 3 dimensional which was somewhat confusing to the viewer.  I actually noticed that when I was finishing up and liked that aspect.  Since lost was the feeling I was trying to show I thought that it worked out that the planes were somewhat visually off.  It turned out to be technically lost or confusing because of it's surfaces.  Thanks for all of the good feedback!

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